Tinnitus Management

For Management of idiopathic Tinnitus we use Sound therapy to mask the individual’s perception of tinnitus and habituation. We use narrow band noise, white, pink and brown noise to mask the tinnitus, depending on tinnitus assessment. These are specific noises to dampen the Tinnitus. The efficacy of sound therapy depends on the residual inhibition. Counselling also plays an important role in treating tinnitus. Some hearing aids offer Tinnitus masker option, which is suitable for persons with hearing loss and Tinnitus.

White Noise

The classic tinnitus masker has been used clinically since the 1970s to effectively mask and treat tinnitus. White Noise is similar to the waves of the ocean, which makes comfortable listening experience for longer durations.

Brown Noise

Brown noise is similar to the distant sea and is an excellent masker of low to mid pitched tinnitus sounds such as hums, roars and buzzing.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is becoming increasingly popular as the clinical masker of choice for tinnitus sufferers. It is an effective masker of high pitched tinnitus, and is considered by many as a more comfortable and relaxing alternative to white noise.