Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing

Once hearing aid is selected, Audiologist will fit and programme selected hearing aid based on hearing test report and hearing needs.

Then following points are explained –
  • How to put on and remove hearing aids.
  • How to switch on and off hearing aids.
  • How to insert and remove batteries.
  • How to charge rechargeable hearing aids (If purchased Rechargeable Hearing Aids).
  • How to take care and maintain hearing aids.
  • How to take care of Ear Moulds (In Case Ear Moulds are given).

When Hearing aids are worn first time, person may have different feelings but slowly he/she gets comfortable with hearing aids and starts enjoying sound.

Finally he/she can purchase hearing aid from Lavanya Speech and Hearing Centre.

We at Lavanya Speech and Hearing Centre offer the best range of Rechargeable hearing aid in Jaipur with effective & timely delivery. Enjoy Better Hearing Experience & Clear Understanding and experience a higher quality of life.

Points to keep in mind:

  • If hearing loss is in both ears then hearing aids should be fitted binaurally for better understanding of speech in noisy environment, group situation and localization.
  • Gap between detection of hearing loss and hearing aid fitting should not be long. Delayed hearing aid fitting can cause auditory deprivation due to lack of auditory stimulation to brain. Person having Auditory deprivation have difficulty in understanding speech even with hearing aids.
  • You will require some time to get used to sounds that your brain was missing to hear.
  • Accordingly we will schedule 3 follow up appointments within first 3 months of hearing aid fitting to solve your problems and queries.