This privacy policy describes how we gather and use our customers' personal information. We request our clients to read it in conjunction with their signed agreement with us.

Information we collect

We can collect information from you either directly or indirectly. We do so to know you well and also to verify your identity. It helps us foster a strong business relationship based on trust and also provides you with goods and services that are relevant to your needs. All pieces of information that we collect from our customers are for business use.


When you visit our website, we send small pieces of text (called cookies) to your browser. We do so to help our website remember information about your last visit. It helps our website become more useful to you when you visit it subsequently. If your browser permits it, you can choose to either enable or disable them.

How we use your information

We use your personal information to primarily conduct our business. To prevent connectivity issues when you visit our website, we use your IP address to analyze your network and diagnose connectivity problems.

Sometimes we may need to share your information with third parties to offer our services effectively. In such situations, we share only those bits of your information with our external or third-party service providers which is necessary to provide our services. In general, we do not share your data or information unless it is required to provide our services to you. Whenever it is necessary, we will notify you to get your consent for it.

External links on the site

Our website may have some links to the products, advertising, and other materials from external service providers and our third-party partners. We expect you to decide on the subscription of products or services sold by such parties responsibly.

If you purchase the products or subscribe to the services of our external providers, you will remain responsible for your information sharing with them and its disclosure. You also accept the responsibility to reach out to them and settle any dispute that may arise due to their sharing of your personal information with other sources based on their policies.


We will regard your data or information as confidential and so, we will neither sell nor rent them to any third party without your consent. However, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your data and information in the event of any legal requirement.

Additionally, we also expect that you will not share the confidential information available to you on our website with any party without written consent from us beforehand.

Disclosure of your information

Though we do not rent or sell any sensitive personal data of our users with which they can be identified, we cannot assure the non-disclosure of your private and identifiable information on absolute terms due to the current regulatory environment. For instance, we will be liable to disclose your information to law enforcement agencies, and the government to cooperate with them if required by law.

In addition, the disclosure of your personal information by our external service providers or third-party partners will depend on their policies if you share your personal information with them.

Other information collectors

We have a transparent policy of collecting and using the data of our clients or customers. We adhere to it to the best of our abilities. However, we also work with many third-party service providers who have standard operating procedures for the collection, use, and disclosure of information about the users of our services. By signing an agreement with us, you agree to accept the responsibility to find out requisite information about the protection of the privacy of data that you share with third parties on or outside our website.


We are committed to protecting the personal and payment-related data of our clients against unauthorized access or misuse. We utilise the latest methodologies and advanced techniques for it. As far as possible, we also use our technological resources to prevent data theft or loss.

Our security measures for the prevention of unauthorized access or use of customer data by individuals within and outside our organization coincide with industry standards. Alongside keeping an eye on them, if necessary, we also review them from time to time. With that said, there is nothing like “perfect security” to protect the privacy of the information of resources that are accessible online. Therefore, by signing up a contract or entering into an agreement with us, you agree that a security breach of your data which is beyond the scope of our employed security measures will be at your discretion at risk.

Disputes and juridisction

All disputes concerning claims, refunds, compensation, and conferred rights related to this policy will be dealt with by our Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism which has two steps.

Both parties also expressly agree to honour the following contents of the privacy policy even after its complete termination or the expiry of some of its terms:

Mediation: In case of a dispute at any point in time, both parties will do their best to settle it amicably through mutual agreement. If it is not possible for some reason, the dispute between both parties will be resolved through the below-mentioned arbitration.

Arbitration: If both parties are unable to work out a solution through mutual agreement, the company will appoint a sole arbitrator whose decision will be final. Consequently, it will be both valid and binding on the company and the other party who agrees to this policy.