The Most Common Symptoms of Tinnitus

This blog will help you identify common symptoms of Tinnitus and guide you to take the necessary action.

Tinnitus is a common problem that can affect any of us. In this condition, you may experience a ringing noise in one or both ears. There are several factors responsible for this condition like genetic conditions or ageing, working in a noisy environment, and a love for music. In most cases Tinnitus is temporary and usually goes away in a day or so. Still, it can be persistent and distracting in some cases. It can cause communication problems, loss of sleep, and accidents at work.

Tinnitus Symptoms

It is important to note that Tinnitus is an underlying issue. The root cause needs to be addressed by an experienced and trained professional audiologist. If you have been experiencing Tinnitus for a longer period of time, then seeking help from a professional can prevent damage to your ears and hearing ability.

We will discuss the common symptoms of Tinnitus:
Hearing loss in one or both ears

Tinnitus comes along with hearing loss in one or both ears. It’s usually temporary. But in some severe cases, a hearing aid comes handy. Most hearing aids come along with built-in tinnitus-cancelling technology.

Experiencing pressure in the inner part of the ear

Tinnitus could occur due to the build-up of ear wax in the ear canal which can further increase pressure on the eardrum. Thus, you might experience hearing loss or ringing sound in the ear accompanied by increased pressure in one or both ears. Your audiologist can confirm this too.

Different Types of Noise in The Ear

In Tinnitus, you hear the noise in one or both ears. But every other person experiences a different kind of noise. Some may experience ringing or whistling noise. For others, it might be a hissing or a buzzing sound. 

Frequent occurrence of dizziness or vertigo

In a few cases, Tinnitus could be due to a genetic condition like Meniere’s disease. This condition may lead to Tinnitus and gradual hearing loss. A common symptom of this condition might be intermittent loss of balance as well as temporary feelings of vertigo.

There is no cure available for Meniere’s disease but can be treated by anti-vertigo medicine like betahistine dihydrochloride and also by reducing caffeine, salt, and alcohol intake.

How can an audiologist help you deal with the problem?

An audiologist will help you examine the root cause of Tinnitus by carrying out systematic hearing tests and ear examinations. By finding the reason they will suggest a treatment suitable for your symptoms.

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