BERA Test in Jaipur

Around 20% of the world's population is suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss affects daily life and leads to several functional problems among patients. A prolonged hearing loss may lead to an adult breaking their connection with society and going into isolation. It can lead patients to depression too. 

Unfortunately, hearing loss has an adverse effect on children. For instance, babies with hearing impairment can face delayed learning ability. Such children learn basic words slowly and their speech gets slurred. In slightly older children, making friends will be very difficult and the child may end up being socially detached from everyone around them. Therefore, it is recommended to get a hearing test done on your child as fast as possible. In case a hearing problem is found, getting them hearing aids is considered to be a priority.
What is a BERA Test?

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) Test is a test used to identify hearing loss in children ages 1-7. If a BERA test gives a normal output, then the child can hear in the normal human range and no further testing is required. However, when a BERA test shows an abnormal result, testing shall carry on in order to find the child’s range. After this, hearing rehabilitation must be carried out via hearing aids. 

BERA Test Procedure

A BERA test takes around 1 hour. The patient need not do anything during the BERA test. They just simply be calm or sleep during the BERA Test procedure. A patient should remember that a calm attitude is beneficial throughout the test. 

The patient simply has to lie down while electrodes are placed on their head and behind their ears. Then, the child will hear sounds of different frequencies through headphones. The electrodes will then measure the activity of the brain in response to the sound. Anomalies in the responses indicate hearing loss in the patient. 

Where Should I Get a BERA Test Done?

A BERA test will be beneficial for your child in all cases. The earlier you get your child’s BERA test done, the better it will be. Early identification will fasten their learning growth, rehabilitate them in society and boost their self-esteem.

If a patient is in Jaipur, you can bring them to our Jaipur centre. We have highly efficient equipment to perform the BERA test in Jaipur. We perform pure tone audiometry tests in Jaipur. Contact our centre staff for booking details.

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