Affordable Hearing Aids For Severe Hearing Loss

Selecting the ideal hearing aid for the patients of severe hearing loss is challenging. For instance, several such patients struggle to shortlist the best hearing aid in Jaipur. Either they dont get options or they lack clarity about the severity of their own hearing problem. If this is your case too, then this blog is for you. This blog will help you to select an appropriate hearing aid that meets the severity of your hearing issues.

What is Severe Hearing Loss? 

Hearing loss is of four types – mild, moderate, severe, and profound.  These levels depend on the loudness of sound frequencies that patients need to hear clearly. For instance, if a patient has severe hearing loss then he will hear at  71 to 90 decibels. This means that the patient has difficulty in carrying a conversation without  a hearing aid.

Can Hearing Aids Help with Severe Hearing Loss?

Yes, you need to choose the right model for you. At Lavanya Clinic we help our customers to choose the ideal hearing aid for them. Our process starts with identifying their actual hearing loss degrees. Once we get this information, we provide them the right Digital hearing aid in Jaipur.  

Here are specific questions that can help you in choosing the right hearing aid.

Does your hearing aid meet the requirements of severe hearing loss? 
If you think that you can use any hearing aid. Then it will be wrong. Hearing aids are like glasses, which must meet your hearing frequencies. 

Does your hearing aid work perfectly in noisy environments? 
Restaurants and other noisy places are difficult for people with severe hearing loss. Look for hearing aids that automatically isolate and enhance human voice to help users follow conversations in noisy environments. 

Does your hearing aid have multi-microphone support? 

Each high-quality hearing aid has two, directional microphones to help you locate sounds. Microphones pick up and translate sounds differently, giving them sound directionality like human hearing. So we will recommend you to check these details in advance while buying a hearing aid in Jaipur.

Does the hearing aid have Bluetooth, remote microphone, programming, and Telecoil? 

These qualities help treat severe hearing loss. Bluetooth lets you link your phone or TV to your hearing aids, improving sound quality. Some variants have Bluetooth companion remote microphones to clarify conversation in noisy eateries. Some public areas and theaters use telecoils that digitally guide sounds to hearing aids. If you need to adjust programming, remote programming is convenient.

How Lavanya Centre can Help

Having trouble comparing hearing aid models?  We will make the selection procedure easier for you. At Lavanya, we offer the Digital hearing aids by the best Speech Therapist in Jaipur.  Making people hear the sweetest sounds of nature is our goal. So we offer high-quality hearing aids and Audiologist support for severe hearing loss, that will bring music to your life again.

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