5 Essential Hearing Aid Care Tips: Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

Hearing aids are a valuable investment for individuals with hearing difficulties. Proper maintenance and care practices can significantly extend the life of your hearing device. To ensure your hearing aids remain in optimal working condition, it's crucial to follow appropriate care routines. At our hearing aid center in Jaipur, we always provide the following tips to our customers, including maintenance routines, troubleshooting common issues, and more.

Obtain the Proper Tools

For regular at-home cleaning, you will need a wax pick and a brush. Earwax tends to accumulate at the opening of the hearing aid, obstructing sound and causing muffled or whistling sounds for users. Most often, a wax pick and brush are included with the hearing aid. However, if you require replacements, you can obtain them from our Jaipur-based hearing aid center.

Follow Good Habits

Wet hands, wearing the hearing aid during bathing, and the usage of hair gel or hair spray can easily damage your hearing aid. Therefore, it's essential to develop a habit of always removing your hearing aid before bathing, visiting the washroom, or undergoing hair treatments. We recommend users clean their hearing aids before bedtime to allow for proper air exposure.

Never Clean the Hearing Aid with Alcohol-Based Solutions

Users should avoid using alcohol or chemical-based wipes to clean their hearing aids, as these products can damage the devices. Instead, it is best to religiously follow the first two tips mentioned above to keep your hearing aid in good condition.

Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold

We recommend consulting the user manual for more specific insights, as extreme cold and hot conditions can affect the functioning of hearing aids. For example, leaving hearing aids exposed during rainy days can lead to germ build-up due to humid conditions. Similarly, when visiting a hill station with snowfall, it's important to keep your hearing aids safe to prevent any adverse effects on their performance.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure your hearing aids remain in perfect condition for an extended period. However, if you experience any functional issues, we recommend consulting a professional technician.

Contact Us for the Best Hearing Aid Services in Jaipur

At Lavanya, we provide professional cleaning and maintenance services for users in Jaipur. We highly recommend having your hearing aids professionally cleaned and inspected regularly.

Additionally, if you suspect you have hearing loss, we encourage you to visit our hearing aid center in Jaipur. Our audiologist will conduct a hearing test, and you will have access to a wide range of hearing aids, including regular and digital models. Moreover, we offer repair services for your existing hearing aids. We are confident that a single visit to our center will bring you closer to clear and barrier-free hearing.

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